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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Albums You Need In The Car

More Musical Musings

I got an email regarding submission guidelines for the next Carnival Of The Vanities, hosted by this guy. I'd never been to his blog before, and I almost clicked the back button when the next post down from the top was a baseball post. Nothing against baseball as a game, but baseball blogs just weird me out for some reason. Posting ERA stats on a blog? For that level of excitement, you might as well measure the cc's of your 'issue' on a wanking blog, IMHO. Just not my cuppa tea.

His second post down from the top struck me as pretty good, though. I, too, have several albums that are an indispensible on road trips.

So, here's another meme to take part in, if you so desire. What albums can you not drive 100+ miles without having in the car?

El Capitan's Road Music:

1) Soundtrack to 'Heavy Metal' - There's so much good stuff here, this ought to be mandatory issue in every car CD or tape deck. You've got Black Sabbath raging, Cheap Trick bopping, Devo working, Donald Fagen grooving, Grand Funk Railroad puffing, even Stevie Nicks doing a little twirling. Makes that long stretch of I-45 between Centerville and Fairfield just fly by!

2) 'You Had To Be There' by Jimmy Buffett - Bubba's live album from the '70s, back before he fell in love with overproduced Caribbean party songs. Every Buffett concert should be this good. Recorded at the Fox Theater in Atlanta, it's a perfect album to drive to, especially after a couple of doses of the one-hitter. Not that I've ever done that, mind you!

3) 'The Road To Ensenada' by Lyle Lovett - I've already gushed about this album somewhere on this blog, so I won't go overboard here. Suffice it to say that it's my favorite Lovett album by a huge margin.

4) 'Skeletons From The Closet' by the Grateful Dead - OK, it's a Greatest Hits album, but it's a damn good one. This one's perfect for driving, since there's none of their 15 minute long noodling jam-sessions to make you drowse off. Also, is there a better pair of sing-along songs than "Sugar Magnolia" or "Friend of the Devil"?

5) 'Secret World Live' by Peter Gabriel - From the 'Us' album concert tour, it's a collection of Gabriel's music with a worldwide guest artist list. Don't miss Paula Cole's backing vocals. The 10 minute version of "In Your Eyes" is fantastic. I liked this one so much, I even got the videotape! Can't quite figure out how to play it in the car, though.

Bonus: My AC/DC mix CD - Might as well call this one AM/EX, as in "Don't Leave Home Without It!" I've pulled my favorite 17 AC/DC songs into one mix album, and it's just about the rocking-est CD ever! About 1/2 Bon Scott era, 1/2 Brian Johnson era, it's got all the goodies.
I've also got a CD with 14 different versions of AC/DC's "Highway To Hell" by 12 different bands, but that's a tale for another time!