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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Any Card Players Out There?

No Sharks, Creeps, or Saps Allowed!

I miss my card game. I had a semi-regular poker game when I lived up in Dallas. We met every so often for a friendly game, everyone bringing some booze, cigars and a pocketful of cash. I usually supplied some munchies and sodas, and left out a tip jar to cover expenses.

It was just kitchen-table card playing, really. Nickel, Dime, Quarter limits, with a 25 cent ante and dollar max raise. Enough money to keep people's mind on the game, but not so much that a bad night at the table meant the kids went hungry.

I'm a bit hesitant to bring this up now, with poker being the hot fad of the moment, and complete morons claiming to be the next Amarillo Slim. Still, I like nothing better than watching the flop on a hand of Hold 'Em, and bluffing the crap out of the table holding nothing more than a low pair.

I thought about looking for a game at the last two blogfests, and even had my chips and cards with me, but neither weekend was really suitable without prior planning for the game.

So, here's notice! I want a decent card game at the next blogmeet, and sooner if possible! We can adjust pot limits to let everyone in, from all-powerful media moguls like Zippo, or enormous contractor conglomerates like Dash all the way down to the poorest churchmouse. I sometimes use my "travel" chips (small ones, all one color and value), and we can set the chip price at 10 cents apiece, so a $5 buy-in gets you a pretty good game. I think most folks can afford that.

Oh, if at any point during the game, you ask "So, does this beat that?", I will probably fling a cigar butt in your general direction! You are warned!