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Friday, July 15, 2005

Carnival Of Cordite # 22

Welcome to the 22nd edition of the Carnival of Cordite!

First, a big thanks to Gullyborg for letting me put my fingerprints all over his shiny Carnival and even fire off a round or two.

This is going to be somewhat of a low impact Carnival, in that I'm completely out of server space and hotlinking is a no-no. So, there won't be any pics posted this week. Lo siento!

So without further ado, off we go!

Shootin' Paper - Range Reports

Risawn of Incoherent Ramblings starts off the show this week with a range report all the way from Kosovo. She's showing off a G36 and an HK pistola that she got to try out courtesy of some wandering German troops. Turn that popper right side up, Risawn! Ain't no gangstas in the US Army!

Next up is PawPaw, showing off the results of an extremely accurate Savage .22, and a .30-30 that's almost as good. He's one of the Chronograph Corps members, which makes me wonder if you have to be a professional gunwriter, grandfather or AARP member to purchase one. I've just never seen anyone not in one of those three categories that owns and uses one!

Bill at The Freeholder finally gets back to the range now that the clouds have parted, and he tells us all about his 3-gun shoot. He also gets a chance to look over a firearms collection, and finds some keepers.

CrimeDog, my Parrothead buddy-that-I-ain't-met-yet out of Arizona has a couple of good stories to tell. First up is the requisite tale of oldsters giving youngsters their comeuppance!
Next, he tells us about card tricks and discovering what 'flash in the pan' really means! Good stuff, Crimedog! Now, when are ya gonna move to Texas?

Jerry The Geek is next up with his report on the 9th annual Single Stack Championship. It's the 2nd half of a longer range report started here. Great post, Jerry! I loved the "No Yuppie Guns" t-shirt!

Mr. Completely rings in with a collection of posts. The first is a fascinating look at the Cowboy Fast Draw World Championships. I had no idea such an event existed! I just assumed these things worked themselves out on a dusty street at high noon. Next is some info on the next series of postal matches. For the record, a postal match is not seeing who can go apeshit and kill the most co-workers! It's where you shoot a designated target with a certain caliber at a set distance, then mail in the results to a judge. Sounds like a lot of fun!

AnalogKid is in cahoots with Mr. Completely in the postal match idea. Where Mr. Completely is running the pistol version, AnalogKid is handling the long gun version. He's also got the first contest setup here! Your targets are due to the judge by July 25th! Get busy!

Shootin' Goblins - Armed Citizenry

Pete Drum brings us a tale of an inept criminal who attempts to rob a liquor store armed with a unreasonable facsimile of a handgun. OK, once more so those in the cheap seats can hear me. The first rule of a gunfight is..... BRING A GUN!!! Pete is a contributor to the Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog, which keeps track of the mutants removed from the gene pool via armed citizens.

He doesn't know he's contributing this week, but I had to have a link to Kim du Toit's site. He's a daily read for me, and should be for you, too! Here's the link to his tally of Righteous Shootings. The Dead Goblin Count stands at 101!

Shootin' The Breeze - General Discussion

NOTR at ROFASix brings us yet another example of timeless wisdom from those paragons of intelligence and virtue, the United Nations. Ick. I need to go wash my hands after typing that name... Go check it out. It's a good example of how stealthy the gun grabbers are becoming.

Jerry the Geek chimes in again with a case of the media changing tactics again. Yeah, Jerry, it's annoying, but I've found if I just assume anything the MSM says regarding guns is aimed at the eventual banning of said guns, I'm rarely wrong!

Ken at It Comes In Pints? hasn't done nearly enough gunblogging lately, so I'm happy to see he's rectifying the situation! He brings us a review of the Mythbusters show on the Discovery Channel where they look at how well bullets work when shot at underwater targets.

Commander Zero gets a post in about better parts for your Remington 870 shotgun as well as AR muzzle brakes. Post submitted by Kit of Forever Vain.

SayUncle weighs in with the latest outrage from the idjits at the BATF. He starts here with general info, and continues here with an update. Bottom line? Get those FAL and AK receivers NOW!

Daniel of Daniel's Political Musings reveals the typical gun-fearing policies of local governmental entities. I'm subject to this same bit of nonsense myself, but if I ever did decide to carry concealed, my ID badge lets me bypass all the metal detectors, so what's the freakin' point of having a rule??

From Shakey Pete's Shootin' Shack, we get an outstanding piece detailing everything you'd ever want to know about primers. It's, in Pete's words, a primer on primers. Go check it out! If you're not careful, you just might learn something!

Donna at Pajama Pundits combines the Carnival of Cordite and the Carnival of Recipes, and stirs up a collection of handloading recipes that are tasty and sure to be crowd pleasers! Go take a look, but you probably ought not to lick the bowl afterwards...

Bruce at MassBackwards and Chris at The Anarchangel win the "Flood The CofC Mailbox" prize for most posts submitted! This is a good thing! I'm glad to see so much gunny goodness being floated out onto the web!

From Bruce, we get:

Pinheaded Police Chief!
Dimwitted Douchewads!
Assault Boxcutters!
Proof Bruce Needs to Move to Texas!
Needed: One pistol!

From Chris comes four good posts:
Critiquing Saint Browning? Blasphemy! (Well, he has a good point...)
Gutting the ATFE
Chris Is Envious Of Kevin, Too!
He's Not An Addict. Really!

Read 'em all! They're worth your time!

Shootin' Irons - Gun Pics & Reviews

Movie Actor & Ferret Wrangler Cowboy Blob asked a good question this week. How many .22 pistols does a man need? I am suddenly reminded of the old MTV commercials... "Too much is never enough!"

Mr Completely sneaks into the lineup again with his own .22 tale to tell. I'm not a huge fan of High Standard .22 pistols, but I gotta admit they're all kinds of accurate. Also, pay attention to his disassembly instructions and save yourself some grief later!

Cutter decided to do a little carving on one of his pistols. I can't fault his reasoning, and the workmanship's good, but I can't help thinking I'd have bought a replacement hammer to play with, and left the original in the box in case I ever sold the gun. (I'm assuming the 2nd hammer shown is off his other GP100!)
He's got some other goodies posted. Don't miss the CZ-75 with the bayonet mount!

Kevin of The Smallest Minority has no idea he's been 'volunteered' to participate this week, but he's another of my favorites, so I had to include this piece about his latest acquisition. Damn fine choice!

James at Hell In A Handbasket brings us pics and a writeup of a trio of vintage bolties he's got in his collection: a Krag, a Mauser (in 7mm!) and a Springfield '03. Excellent examples, James!

James also nominated a couple of posts by Swen of A Coyote at the Dog Show. Swen hails from Wyoming, and his site's full of great photos of the scenery up there. His gun-related post for this Carnival are a look at his spiffed-up 1911A1 (Love those grips!) and also a peek at his usual carry piece when he's out cruising the badlands. Yup, Elmer would approve, I think!

AnalogKid had one more piece this week, a look at his new family member, Darth Vader. My first thought was that he'd acquired a Benelli Super 90, but a closer look revealed a Remington 1187 and a lot of aftermarket add-ons. Bet that one's a lot of fun to shoot! He's got an EOtech sight on it, and it appears from the target he posted that he can drop a slug through the eyeball of his choice at 50 yards!

From The Countertop Chronicles comes the obligatory "Chicks With Guns" pic. With these kind of pics, you usually get bikini babes toting AKs and AR clones, so a relatively demure shot with a bolt action is really nice! Oh, the 2nd pic link in the post is NOT safe for work. And kinda crass, IMHO. Your mileage may vary.

H2SO4 of Sulfuric Attitude slipped in under the wire with a last minute post on the EAA Windicator. Seems like a good pistol, but 'Windicator' has to be the Lamest. Name. Ever!

Firehand of Irons In The Fire also got his posts in a bit on the late side, but as a professional dawdler and global-class procrastinator, I'm nothing if not forgiving towards others of my type!
Here's his take on the SMLE No.1 MkIII, A good day shooting at the range, and some thoughts on Whither Britain Goest.

That's it for the submitted posts! On to the discussion topic:

This week's Carnival of Cordite discussion takes a turn for the macabre. Imagine it's 2010, and your worst nightmares have come true. Hillary Clinton has the Presidency, and the Dems have both the Senate and the House locked up vote-wise. The Hildebeest gets on national TV, flanked by Pelosi, Boxer, Schumer, and the rest of the Knucklehead Crew, and she makes a chilling statement. "Mr. and Mrs. America, private ownership of any type of firearm is now outlawed by Executive Order. Turn 'em all in!"

What do ya do, hotshot? What do you do? The comments lobby is open...

Thanks for dropping by, y'all! Come back anytime!