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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

El Grande Dia Shittia

They Can't All Be Winners...

First, I see that the "freedom fighters" are targeting the usual military objectives, this time a pile of kids getting free candy. Oh, yes, the Religion Of Peace. Lots of little tiny bloody pieces is more like it. No effin' excuse for that one, you evil pig-fucking piles of dog vomit. To (mis)quote Admiral Halsey, "In the future, Wahhabism will be practiced only in Hell."

Second, the shuttle launch got scrubbed. This pales in comparison to the above story, being more of an annoyance than an outrage. Still, I had high hopes we'd get the space program back on track this afternoon.

Third, the rain's coming down like a cow pissing on a flat rock, and my umbrella is safe & sound in the trunk of the Caddy. About 100 yards from the nice covered Park & Ride shelter. Nothing like a wet El Capitan to really add spice to the afternoon.

At least I've got an ID badge now. I had to go through the metal detector twice today, and the rocket scientists operating the bag Xray were just certain my AA flashlight batteries were shotgun shells. They even made me open up the light. You would think just turning it on would have sufficed.

Well, tomorrow I'll have the magic badge, and can sidestep all that nonsense, gleefully carrying whatever I want to past the security checkpoint. Yeah, I feel much safer now. After all, who's more likely to bring in a weapon, a random nutcase, or one of 24,000 disgruntled employees?