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Saturday, July 16, 2005

I Am *SO* Going To Regret This...

You'd Think I'd Learn After The Last 37 Birthdays...

OK, room at the Worthington is reserved, time-off request is in, stock of painkillers and antacids replenished, and attorney's cell # tattooed on arm. I think I've got everything I need for a weekend of drinking and carousing.

Next Friday night, my little chickadees! J. Gilligan's in Arlington, TX @ 8 pm to start, and we hit every dive bar up & down Division afterwards. If anyone's still standing after 2 am, it's off to the posh downtown hotel to break into my emergency travel booze kit, ride the luggage carts up and down the halls, and leave butt-prints on the plate glass elevator windows.

Or, we'll just pass out. Either one is OK with me.