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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Some Days, I Simply Hate My Job!

And I Ain't Even Been In It A Year Yet...

Some days it's just not worth getting out of bed.

Hizzoner's Orcish legions have been apparently mistreating a small yet extremely vocal segment of the community, and naturally the whole stinking mess lands in my lap. Rather than call me up and let me get to work on the problem, however, the self-appointed community spokesman decides better service will be received if they instead consult with their district Nazgûl, the muckrakers, and the Grand Poobah of this department. Since shit rolls downhill, and this one started way at the top, before I even get a hint that there's an issue, a gigantimous shitball completely engulfs me as soon as I step off the elevator this morning.

Look, I've got news for ya, Sparky McWhine. I'm gonna do my job in the correct manner regardless of who you felt the need to gripe to. I'm not particularly impressed by your tame Nazgûl. She's running for re-election in 4 months, and it ain't likely she'll be back, so having her office blast me with emails and phone calls fills me with no terror.

I might even drag my feet a little, just to piss you off. You knew perfectly well who to come to with this issue, Sparky, but chose to ignore channels in favor of making a big splash. Well, all your claims of wanting to "build a better working relationship" just proved to be false. I'll jump & hustle for my friends, Sparks, but if you're going to be working against me, I'm afraid this project may get delayed for an indefinite period while we "consult with Legal" until, say... 2007?

Hmmmm. Suddenly I wish I had the power to order an emergency street replacement right in front of Sparky's driveway. Maybe in a few more years.