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Monday, September 19, 2005

Charity Or Business As Usual?

I'd Like The Whole Story Here...

When I cut a check to the Red Cross or some other charity organization, I'm not looking for someone to reimburse me 2 weeks later. I figure that it's money that needed to be spent, and I'll just have to cut back on my budget for a few weeks or months.

Now, on the City Council Agenda for Sep. 20th, I see this item of business: (OK, the spacing is phuct... I don't feel like making an HTML table for this...)

16. RECOMMENDATION from Director Finance & Administration for Emergency Purchases to address Hurricane Katrina Relief/Aid in an amount not to exceed $7,623,368.65 to the following:


1. Gallery Furniture-----$4,000,000.00
2. Exclusive Furniture-----$1,000,000.00
3. Finger Furniture-----$800,000.00
4. Roto Rooter-----$45,000.00
5. Accur Air-----$60,000.00
6. W.W. Grainger-----$499.50
7. A1 Delivery Service-----$1,000.00
8. Big State Trailers-----$2,000.00
9. Universal Building Services-----$10,000.00
10. Bi Rite Furniture-----$300,000.00
11. BFI Waste Systems-----$975.00
12. Sleep Shop-----$647,388.00
13. Sam’s Club-----$31,969.04
14. Sunland Engineering-----$100,000.00
15. Ardmore Power Logistics-----$5,000.00
16. Linens ‘N Things-----$21,858.12
17. Bed, Bath & Beyond-----$5,786.00
18. Wal-Mart-----$501,281.64
19. Home Depot-----$499.95
20. Lowe’s Hardware-----$4,459.08
21. Jason’s Deli-----$489.15
22. Blantex, Inc.-----$64,500.00
23. Conn’s-----$2,357.95
24. Bound Tree Medical-----$16,347.22
25. Western Appliance-----$1,958.00

The City opens up the Dome & GRB for evacuees, it's gonna need some supplies. All well & good. Still, I sorta expected local businesses to play the charity game too. Sure, $4 million is a huge hit for "Mattress Mack", but he's paid almost that much for several Grand Champion steers at the Livestock Show in the past few years. Jason's Deli could write off $500 worth of sammiches, and not even notice it.

I don't know the whole story here, but I really hope some of these business owners consider writing off some of the expenses, and leave the City with some operating capital now that Tropical Storm Rita is heading this way.