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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Oh, No... This Can't Be For Real!

There Oughta Be A Law...

All those high school questions got me thinking about the 80's. Specifically, what was BAD about the 80's.

The fashion was pretty horrific. I'd run down a list of the assorted fashion quirks of the 80's, but those that lived through it won't want the reminder, and those that came later don't need any impetus to push for a fashion revival.

So, I'm Googling up "clownsuit", trying to find a picture of the worst of the worst fashion faux pas we survived, and amidst all the John Wayne Gacy references, I came upon a site devoted to 80's styles. Eeek.

And then, it led me.... to this abomination! A website that sells parachute pants!! They've got hundreds of the damn things in stock!!!

The horror... the horror...

Zibig, email me your waist size! I just found your birthday present! I'm gonna get you a bright red pair, and maybe a skinny tie, and a Member's Only jacket, and a pair of those Buckaroo Banzai glasses, and some of those Vans checkerboard shoes, and a bunch of cutesy buttons to wear, and some rubber 'O' ring bracelets, and also some Porsche fold-up sunglasses, and...