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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Buy A Gun Day 2006

More Like "Complete A Gun" Day!

Couldn't quite come up with the cash this year for a Buy A Gun Day purchase. See, I've been spending my disposable income bringing my K31 up to match-quality standards. Well, that and my tax "refund" is going to pay the IRS for my past sins. Here's a tip. NEVER cash in a 401k early. The tax penalty, she is a bitch...

Anyway, for a $100 rifle, $110 worth of scope, mount & rings, and $75 worth of gunsmithing to attach the mount, and I've got a rifle that'll shoot as well as a $1500 custom job. Oh, that's with surplus ammo, mind you...

I went out early Saturday morning (B.A.G. day, of course!) to get the scopes set up properly. In addition to the K31, I brought along my SKS. I'd added a gas-tube scope mount and red dot scope to it about a year ago, and for one reason or another never took it out to the range to get it dialed in.

Usually I go out shooting with Zibig and the Cisco Kid, but this was a business trip, not a pleasure jaunt, and I needed to do this one solo. I started off with the SKS, but after 20 rounds and none hitting on the paper, I realized the wiggly scope mount needed shimming, and I needed to pull the receiver cover. I'd tried a receiver cover scope mount earlier, but didn't like the way it blocked the stripper clip loading slot. Unfortunately, I can't remember what I did with the original cover, and the scope mount cover blocks the rear sight, making sighting in a scope a matter of by guess and by gosh. So, back in the closet goes the SKS for another year, unless I find the old cover! Fortunately, the K31 made up for the lack of success with the SKS.

Everything you need for a good day at the range! Rifles, ammo, and a big honkin' Super Gonzo Gulp!

Here's the scope mounted on the K31. It's a Bushnell 4x Widefield. The adjusting turret blocks the loading port, so I can't use the stripper clips, but it doesn't affect ejection. Since the magazine ejects easily, loading is no problem.

For a scope mounted on the left side of the receiver, you'd think the initial grouping would be on the left. In this case, the initial 3 shot group was way off to the right, about 5 inches! So begins the slow process of shoot a group, dial the scope, shoot a group, dial the scope!

Here's the slow march of progress...

Before long, though, we had a winner! Check out this ragged hole! That's a 20 round group, btw. OK, a bit of overkill just for sighting in, but I was having such a blast (literally!) I had to burn through a second box of ammo!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again! Go get yourself a K31!