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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Rude Awakenings

Next Time, I'm Hiring A Vampire Yard Crew

There's a bandy-legged Hispanic man outside my window with a leaf blower. It's before 9 am on a Saturday, fer guacamole's sake. Since I can't legally shoot the man, I'll blog about it instead.

Bastards. I told 'em, "No corte el grasso en el fin de semana!" That's supposed to mean don't mow the yard on the weekends, but I got "C"s in Spanish, so I'm not surprised the message didn't take. Why can't they manage to make it here on weekday mornings, when I'm already at work?

Sigh. Well, I'm up. Might as well go scrub out the BBQ grill for the family Easter cookout tomorrow. It'll help preserve my pissy mood to get covered with soot & grease before the crack of noon.