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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Can't Beat This Meat!

Slurp On My Hot & Sweet Party Balls

So I get this email asking me to submit my favorite Crock Pot recipe to this week's Carnival of the Recipes.

I'm just about done with most of the Carnivals, to tell the truth. I hosted a few early on in the blogcareer, hoping for the elusive Instalanche. Naturally, the weeks I hosted were the weeks the Grand Poobah Reynolds forgot to check his emails and/or negelected to mention them. Fargin' puppyblender!

This spring I've entered blogposts in several carnivals, only to get 5-7 hits total each time. Hardly worth the effort of cutting & pasting links into the Canival submittal form. Hell, I got more hits playing dress-up with Livey.

Still, Carnival of the Recipes is generally a fun read for a confirmed food addict such as myself, and the Carnival of Cordite is always good for some gunny goodness. So, I'm not giving them up completely.

This week, it's Magic Meatballs. I learned this recipe from the hippest couple in Dallas many years back, who also taught me the trick of freezing a vodka bottle inside a half-gallon milk carton stuffed with ivy vines and water, for a festive 'Eff you up' party pourer once you peeled the carton away from the ice.

I've tried explaining this recipe several times to other bloggers, but each time there was enough alcohol coursing through our systems that I'm fairly certain they thought I was having them on. I assure you, this recipe's for real, and makes for a delicious party dish!!

OK, it's real simple...

Into your Crockpot, pour in:

1 package pre-made frozen meatballs (40-50 count)
32 oz jar of grape jelly (I prefer Smuckers, it rhymes with...)
2 - 16 oz bottles Heinz Chili Sauce

Double or triple ingredients as necessary depending on whether you have the Slowcooked Squirrel model Crockpot, or the Stew-A-Moose jumbo sized model.

Turn on Crockpot. Stir every so often as you prepare for the party. When the sauce bubbles, stir some more. You've probably got frozen meatballs still in the center. Eat a meatball every so often to test for quality control. Damn, that was good! Have another! Crack open a beer. Put your feet up. Have some more meatballs. Get another beer. To hell with vacuuming before the party, your guests have dirty carpets too. 10 minutes before the guests arrive dash over to Kroger's to buy more meatballs. You're such a pig...

That's it! Quick, easy, and I don't think I've ever had any leftovers to clean up!