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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Just A Few Blodger Profiles...

'Cause Ain't No One Exactly Like Their Blog Persona...

Y'know, it's almost overwhelming to dive into a blogfest with that many unique personalities running about. The fact that 80% of 'em are pretty well lubricated with fermented and/or distilled beverages makes it that much more fun! As they say: In Vino Veritas, so perhaps you really do get your best viewing of a person when you're both half in the bag.

Here's a sampling of the folks I met this weekend. I know I'm gonna skip someone through sheer ignorance, so if I do, let me know!

Confabulator - The man runs an extremely hi-tech blog out of Port Lavaca, and is a veritable wellspring of knowledge. Can't wait to sit down and jaw some more with him!

Rob - Heh. Waited so long to meet this guy, and when I make my grand entrance, I plow over a sidewalk curb and assorted shrubbery. About par for my usual performance... Never did get to spend a lot of time talking with him, we were just on separate wavelengths and trajectories most of the weekend.

Dash - Still waters run deep! Dash listens more than he talks, but when he talks, be listening! It's truly an honor & a pleasure to be called 'friend' by a guy like this.

Marcus - The ultimate stealth blogger. Hides behind a disarming smile, a big cigar, and a glass of high-grade scotch. Now if he would only post more often!

Ellison - At some point late one evening he guffawed and pelted me with a pack of cigarettes for being excessively snarky during Eric's extended needling of Knine. The man just oozes wit & charm, even if he does wear some pretty fruity-lookin' shirts!

Denny - Two blogmeets now with this guy, and I still have yet to corner him for some one-on-one conversation! Next time, I'll dust off my guitar and my singing voice. That'll do the trick!

Zonker - Wow. Is this guy cool or what? Nothing like I expected. He also kept trying to buy me a drink, and I think he got frustrated after a bit, 'cause I was either cutting myself off 'cause I had to drive, or I'd buy one for myself when he went out to smoke! Next time, Mr. Goat! First round's STILL on you!

Eric the Straight White Guy - This guy's on page #1 in my cool book! Aside from his paranoid delusions of tiny black bugs and a nasty backseat driver habit, Eric's just a heckuva lot of fun!

Boudicca - Charming, sharp as a tack, and one extremely nice person! I can't believe she remembered my chilidog casserole recipe!

Leslie - Look up "independent strong-willed woman", and you'll see Leslie's picture. Class act all the way, and she likes my writing, too! One of my favorite people this weekend!

Livey - I don't know that I can do justice here... She's nothing like she's described, except when she is, and every story told about her may or may not be true... Damn, let's just say she's a blonde whirlwind that careens through your gathering, shaking things up and refusing to settle down. More power to ya, hon! You can whale on our cops anytime!

Christina - What can one say about Her Feistiness? Heh. Kinda like that Miracle Whip commercial, she makes your sandwich complete! 'Course, those Latinas never use Miracle Whip, as I understand it...

Shoe - Shoe's comment: "To get to the Salt Lick, turn at the giant plume of smoke" sums up her sense of humor pretty well! Good seein' ya, Shoe. I'll take YOUR car next time...

Oddybobo - I don't think I met her until late Saturday afternoon, when I walk into Maudie's restaurant and see what looks like she could be Christina's younger sibling! Oddy's another person I didn't get to spend a lot of time with, but I salute her bravery for leaping into this mess o' blodgers and making a go of it!

Kelly - Didn't share two words with her the entire Meet, until I'm quite literally on the final elevator ride heading out the door towards home. Just too many bloggers there to get to 'em all! Still, in the brief moment we spoke, she seemed very nice and VERY pregnant!

Tammi - Another person that time allowed just a few moments for introductions. Damn, we needed a 4 day weekend! Next time, Tammi!

Nancy - Nancy, sweetie, I hope we managed to put some sizable cracks in that shyness shell of yours! Come back next time, and we'll peel that sumbitch clean off! A true pleasure meeting you!

That 1 Guy - I've met quite a few Marines, but this guy's proof they do more than just break things and scream "Ooo-Rah!!" Told a quite personal story to a complete stranger over dinner, and told it well!

Tara - Don't get sidelined by her Rita Rudner-esque accent. Tara (aka TJ) is WAY funnier, for one. Plus, she fears no Port-A-Pottie and when you feed her pear cider at 1 a.m., she tells the most amazingly personal stories!

Jim - Tara's dad, and a blogger of no small reknown. I didn't get to hear him sing & play the gee-tar, but he tells a great story, and isn't shy about impromptu lap dances from vivacious blondes!

Presto Agitato - He was there, and then he was gone! The phantom blogfest attendee! Never saw him again after Friday night. Hope the bats didn't carry him off...

Redneck - Y'know, I don't care much for fishing, but I'd bet a stack of Benjamins that going fishing with this guy would be a hell of a lot of fun! 'Course, you'd have to get him to trade that palmtop for a fishfinder... He's a good ol' boy for sure, emphasis on "Good"!

Walrilla - I was all set to make sure he got tagged with the "Meester Wheeskers" nickname, but darnit, he's just too nice a guy to do that to! Walrilla also fell into the "Not at all what I expected" category. Can't wait to go shooting with him, since he napped through the Saturday shoot! Can't blame him, though! Staying up til 3 am ain't as easy as it once was!

Knine - Chose to hang out with the long-haired hippies at a concert on Friday night, but came to his senses and joined us on Saturday. A stand-up guy for sure! Took some gentle joshing like a man, and came back for more.

Eric & Denita & Zane - Always good to see the Tinyville Trio! Eric & Denita are always a pleasure to talk to, and then there's Denita's baked goodies! I promise I'll make it out that way before too long, guys!

Beth - Beth and I share a few things, among them bad backs, a fondness for .357 magnums, a mutant event planning gene, and the fact that she's raising two 12 year olds, while mentally I still am a 12 year old! (at least, I think they're 12... they certainly are tall enough!) A pleasure as always, Beth! See ya next time!

Misha - A gentleman, a scholar, a warrior, a devoted father. Damn, this is one likable guy! Don't let the Rottweiler fangs throw you, he's an asset at any gathering!

Spats - I have to say, it was most amusing to see Lord Spatula in dire need of a spatula during the picnic cookout! I kept a lid on it, though.... He's acquired quite the arsenal in just a year! Good seeing you again, Spats! Still working on that batch of Trainwreck Stew?

Delftsman - Dude, you're a trouper for sure. Anyone who can attend a blogmeet and shoot a chopped shotgun 2 months after your heart exploded is worthy of respect! Be well, my friend!

Deathknyte - This guy just cracks me up. He's all "I ain't shot a gun in 15 years!", then picks up my shotgun and BOOMBOOMBOOMBOOM!!!! starts putting these thumb-sized slug holes inside an area you could cover with your palm! I think we've found your chosen boomstick, dude!

Krondax - Good guy, but really needs to get over the recoil-phobia thing! Dude! What does not kill you makes you stronger! Next time, I'm bringing the 3" magnum shotgun loads just for you! Hey! He started a blog!

BC - This is one hell of a guy, right here. I gots to hang out with him some more in the near future! Sorry 'bout that shoulder, dude! We'll make Deathknyte shoot your round next time!

Alan - My 2nd time to meet Alan. Kinda quiet, right until you get on a topic he likes, then stand back!

Tig - He & Mrs. Tig hovered on the outskirts of the picnic, so I never really had any interaction. Maybe next time!

OK, my lips are now chapped from excessive buttkissing. I now gotta go stomp on some ants & junebugs to get out of this hippie-dippie lovefest I've wandered into... See! I told you Austin would affect me!!