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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Some Random Thoughts

This Day Is Going So Slowly...

I finally got around to ordering the replacement transfer bar for my .45 Vaquero revolver. Actually, I ordered two. I figured if I broke one, I might break another. Glub only knows if Ruger will still be in business in 6-8 years if the Dim-o-crats get in power.

I love the safety system on a Ruger revolver. Unless you're actively pulling the trigger, the transfer bar does not let the hammer hit the firing pin, even if you whale on the hammer with a hammer. Hmmmm... that used to be the old Iver Johnson revolver sales slogan, I think.

The downside is if that transfer bar breaks, like mine did, you're SOL. The gun just will not fire. With the price of .45 Long Colt nearing $1 per round, that's not such a bad thing. Imagine that... Either fire 5 cylinders worth of ammo, or go to dinner & a movie...

I imagine if push came to shove, you could weld a little nubbin onto the hammer to bypass the system.

Since the .357 Mag Ruger Speed Six is replacing the 1911A1 as the "walking around" gun, I'm thinking about putting the fancy pewter grips back on the .45 Auto. I prefer them over the wood grips looks-wise, and the added weight helps with the recoil. I've ordered a rubber Hogue Monogrip for the .357 to see how it fits. Got it off eBay for $10 or so. I really want a nice set of Hogue finger-groove grips in some exotic wood, but they run about $75.

I finally got the .45 ammo I'd bought via my friend Zibig, since he was nice enough to bring them to lunch with him last weekend. He knew a guy selling three boxes of Winchester White Box, and I got them for $15 each. Supposedly they're less than 3 years old, but I strongly doubt that. The box still has the old full-size plastic insert, not the small "squeezepack" plastic tray, or the styrofoam inserts. No matter, they'll still shoot, even if the nosetips are discolored a bit from being in contact with the plastic tray for a few years. It's been a while since I've had the .45 out, and I really enjoy shooting the piece.

I'll try to blog a bit tomorrow before I head out for a full day of booze, poker and fireworks. If not, have a Happy Fourth of July, and remember to fly Old Glory and listen to 'The Stars & Stripes Forever' at least once tomorrow!