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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sleeping On The Couch

More Drama Than I Want In My Home...

Got locked out of my bedroom last night.

I wish I could say it was due to a tiff with a significant other, followed up by hours of hot monkey-lovin' after the make-up.

Alas, the two females inhabiting my bed lately both have 4 legs, tails, and bodacious sets of whiskers. Oh, and they can lick their own nasty bits. In a human female, that might be a huge plus. In a cat? Not so much...

No, I was excluded from the bedchamber by a pile of cardboard. I'd put a stack of unassembled file boxes next to my closet, and on a trip to the kitchen to refill my tea, the boxes decided to fall over, latching the door shut and wedging themselves between the door and the TV console.

I'm used to having the A/C air pressure suck the door shut on occasion, but it never locks the door... I'm sitting there in the hallway trying to get my door open, and for the life of me, can't understand WTF is going on.

I finally gave up, and crashed on the couch for a while. Betsy Cat started squalling about 3 a.m., though, and the thought of her crapping on my bed out of frustration forced me to get up and deal with the door.

I figured out what happened when I poked a flashlight under the door and saw the stack of boxes. It took a set of BBQ tools to rectify the situation. The long-handled knife slit open the plastic packaging on the file boxes, and the long-handled fork worked great to stab one box at a time, and slide it out from under the stack and under the gap at the base of the door. Eventually I got enough boxes out that I could shove the rest out of the way, at which point Betsy Cat squirted out the gap and made a beeline for the litterbox.

I'm not sure what I would have done if it had been something more substantial blocking the door. The hinges are on the bedroom side, so dismounting the door wasn't an option. I guess I would have had to break the bedroom window and crawl in that way.

Y'know, I'll bet anything that cat was scratching at that stack of boxes and made it fall over... It's be just like that fuzzball to do something like that.