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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Completely Effed In The Ay.

If I Bought A Horse, Lions Would Magically Appear And Eat It.

Wow. That was fun. 8 hours spent in an uncomfortable metal chair in the waiting room of the tire & brake shop.

Sat for 4 hours and had $800 worth of tires mounted, balanced & installed, along with an extra $300 of parts & labor to replace all the worn-out bits in the steering linkages in order to do the front-end alignment. I was informed that I needed new shocks and tie rod ends, but those could wait a bit longer.

What couldn't wait was the front brakes. There's maybe a crotch hair of composite left on the brake pad, and the rotors are .002" away from needing replacement. Probably $300 total. Nevertheless, I was out of cash, so it would have to wait.

It did wait. About 30 minutes and 12 miles. As I was exiting to head downtown, the brakes went mushy and hit the floor. Pumping the brakes either got you slightly less mushy brakes, or a sudden hammer-like blow as the ABS braked too hard & too soon. Something was clearly awry.

Back out to NTB, in a high dudgeon. After all, I had brakes when I drove in there this morning.

The front brakes were as I'd seen them before. The rear brakes? When they pulled the passenger-side drum, a cascade of burnt & deformed parts poured out onto the pavement.
The driver's-side drum wasn't in much better shape. As much as I'd like to accuse the tire shop of evil shenanigans, I'm all too aware that the previous owner of the truck considered regular maintenance a sucker's game.

So, I'm out of cash, and they can't put it back together with the old effed-up parts. I don't even have the cash to call a tow truck or a cab.

(Pause for 15 minutes of incredibly high-volume swearing, from an amazing variety of languages and dialects)

You know anyone you can call for a quick $500? Me neither.

So, an 4 hour wait until my parents get back from some senior citizen function, and can come get me & give me a lift back home.

I get paid Friday. I'll pick it up then, with a nice shiny $550 rear brake job on it.

This pretty much befucts me for the Memorial Day weekend, since now I'm too effin' broke to rent a car or even ride the Dog out to the Hill Country.

Someone out there really has it in for me. If they don't knock it off, I'm gonna go stomp on some baby ducks to even out the karma situation.