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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Pain Of A Different Sort

I Wanted A Sitcom, I Got A Hallmark 'Very Special' Movie...

Tough times, the last couple of days.

If you didn't catch it on Facebook, I'm short an uncle, and another is not doing so hot.

Uncle Roy died yesterday in Dallas. He was Mom's uncle, and the next-to-last member of my grandparent's generation. He was in hospice care on a morphine drip, so his passing wasn't unexpected, but sad nonetheless. He leaves behind his wife of 60+ years, three kids and a boatload of grandkids.

Uncle Robert is Mom's brother, and he's been fighting with COPD the last couple of years. Both he and Roy are/were lifelong smokers. This is really aggravating to me in Robert's case, because not 7 years ago we watched his mother, my grandmother, die of smoking-related causes, and he still keeps sucking those coffin nails.

Uncle Robert collapsed at work yesterday, and wasn't found until he was already in cardiac arrest and turning blue. CPR was performed until the medtechs arrived, and he was transported to an area hospital where he's currently on life support. Mom & Dad are on their way down today. I'd be down there too, but the power steering gizmo on my truck took a dump on the way in to work this morning, so I've got to get that fixed tomorrow.

Uncle Robert shouldn't have been working. He should have retired 3 years ago, but that damn hoodlum kid he's got has kept them three steps from the poorhouse with all his legal bills and court costs.

Well, I'm gonna shut up before my mouth gets me in trouble.

Think some happy thoughts, y'all. We could use a few aimed this way.