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Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's Buy A Gun Day!

Actually, I "Jumped The Gun" Just A Little...

OK, it's Buy A Gun Day, and as promised, I'm unveiling the new addition to the Gun Room.

This was not originally intended as a Buy A Gun Day purchase. It was a reward gift for sticking with Project LOLA and not backsliding to any appreciable degree. All the $$ I would have spent on pizzas, fast food, prime rib, fried chicken, ice cream etc. instead got banked, and the result is this bundle of joy!

It's a Ruger Redhawk in .45 Long Colt. I dithered about going with .44 Magnum, but I've already got the reloading gear for .45LC, and you don't see 4" barreled Redhawks in .45 that often.

The grips are made by Hogue out of kingwood with the Ruger medallion inset on both sides. The holster is the Sourdough Pancake model made by Simply Rugged holsters in Prescott, AZ, and I chose the Celtic knot pattern. It came with extra belt straps for inside-the-pants carry and I also got a belt pouch that holds one reload in a matching pattern.

This is my "project" gun. In the near future, it's going to get shipped off for barrel porting, an action job, barrel crowning and cylinder bevel, and gold bead/white line express sights. I'm also of a mind to have it engraved, but I'm still looking for inspiration there.

So, without further ado, feast your eyes on my prize!
(Click pics to embiggify!)