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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Now That's Just Nasty...

Hate To See What Her House Looks Like!

I'm climbing into the truck yesterday after work, and noticed this sight in the car parked next to me:

It was a Honda Accord with Kentucky plates. The driver was one of a group of people attempting to canoe in the fetid sewer water otherwise known as Buffalo Bayou.

You'd think she could have at least tossed the banana peel down on the floorboards instead of on the seat. Something tells me she holds her friends in very low regard, or perhaps they know not to ride in her car. Even worse than the aged peel is the unidentified cumstain dripping down to the base of the seat...

Well, no doubt she'll catch dysentery, cholera and a raging dose of muskrat herpes if she tumps the canoe over. Then a festering banana peel will be the least of her worries.