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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tree Rat Colada

We Hates The Sqwerlz, Precious! We Hates Them Forever!

Wow. Cutting holes in a pair of coconuts is an enormous pain in the ass.

OTOH, now I've got another really impressive pair of dangling nuts.

See, I saw this pic, and had to make my own squirrel treat dispensers. The idea is that the Varmint Cong gnaw the meat out of the coconut shell.

I hung them from a 4x4 balanced across the birdbath out in the front yard.

With any luck, when the treerats have their heads buried in the coconuts, the neighbor's cats will be able to sneak up on them!

I'll park myself out in the front yard tomorrow with a couple of cigars and a camera and see if I can't document the carnage...