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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Ahoy, Cap'n! Massive Time-Waster On The Horizon!

Oh, my... This is gonna suck up all my free time.

Pirates of the Caribbean to go massively multiplayer.

Here's the scoop!
Disney Online, a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Internet Group, has revealed that it is currently working on a new massively multiplayer online role-playing game based on the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

The game, which is being designed by Disney's VR Studio, will allow gamers to create their own pirate character and team up with others to form a crew, battling both other players and the evil undead pirates roaming the high seas.

Yar! Hoist the swingin' boom! Moisten the wenches! Set sail for Pillageville!

If they don't release this for Mac, I'm gonna have to keelhaul 'em!