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Monday, April 25, 2005

OK, No More Pee Stories

I seem to have scared everyone off with my little tale of a steakhouse and their beety shenanigans. Needless to say, in order to make sure the remaining two or three readers stick around, I will NOT be participating in Acidman's Carnival of the Crappers. I'm sure they'll have a hoot sharing their tales of defecatory achievement, but my temperament for endless "Me Go Plop-Plop!" stories has waned a bit since I quit hanging out at the alt.tasteless newsgroup.

Mind you, I'm not averse to the occasional tale of matters rank and vile, it's just that the constant necktie wearing of the last 8 months has probably choked off the blood level to my brain, rendering my sense of humor only tweaked by Socialist Idiotarians and their lunacy, horrible puns, and the odd fart joke. (the one exception is probably a joke Rockhauler told the other day that floored me... Why does the Easter Bunny hide all his eggs? He doesn't want anyone to know he's been banging a chicken!)

I'm probably gonna be light on posting this week, there's a lot on the burner at work, and as much as I'd like to just coast through it all, I kinda need to do more than the bare minimum, since there's a bit of public notice on things right now.

No posting yesterday. Can't blame that on anything but a great day to get out and go shopping, and the bad timing to hit a bookstore first thing, leading to getting buried in a trashy novel for the rest of the day. In other words, a perfect Sunday afternoon!