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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Half A Milestone

Why only half? 'Cause six months isn't quite a full year. It can't really be called an anniversary, since it's missing the 'annual' part.

Still, I'm surprised how quickly time has passed. It really does seem just a few weeks since I dug out the almost forgotten password of the Blogger account I started back in May '04, and started blogging for real 26 weeks ago.

I haven't gone back and counted posts. I suppose I could paste everything into Word and do a word count, but I'm not that interested in knowing. I'm just glad I've stuck with something this long, and not gotten tired of it yet.

If 6 months can generate this many friends and blogging buddies, I can't wait to see what the next 6 will bring. I peeled off my 'loner' armor for a weekend this spring and met all kinds of cool folks at the Texas Blogfest. I've got comment & email conversations going with a dozen people at any one time. I can honestly say that blogging has been the best thing for me in terms of a motivational exercise in many years. My long stint of unemployment back in '03 & '04 really cranked up the antisocial stay-hidden-in-my-house traits that I've always carried around. Going back to work last summer really helped some, but not nearly as much as actually doing something I liked on a daily (or almost daily) basis.

So, thanks to all who drop by daily, even the thousands that are just here as a result of Google searches for 'red-assed baboon'. The content is about as good as it's gonna get, I'm afraid. I'm not going to morph into a partisan issues-screamer, or start catblogging every Friday. Nope, whatcha see is whatcha get. I'm just glad y'all are along for the ride.

Thanks again for hangin' out with the Baboon Pirates!!