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Monday, April 18, 2005

How Many Is Too Many? More BlogAngst.

From The Master Of Angst & Anxiety.

I'm just looking at my blogroll, and wondering how many of the little graphics tags I'm gonna have to make before I cause some poor schmuck's 56k modem to crap out, 'cause it has to download 200k of linky-lovin' before a word of actual content shows up.

I like my little tags. Most folks do a text-based blogroll, but I wanted to be unique. Well, maybe not unique, but different from most of the BlogHorde. This guy, one of the first to link me, had nice things to say about it. It's getting longer and longer, though. Sooner or later, it'll get to be a problem.

I've got a lot of people on the blogroll that I read every day without fail. I've got quite a few reciprocal links. If someone found my stuff good enough that they want to link me, the least I can do is return the favor. There's a list of folks from the Texas Blogfest that I felt I had to put up, though it's become annoyingly obvious that some of them do not share that feeling. Feh. Sic friat crustulum. I always attach too much importance to things that are mere bagatelles to others. That's my problem, not theirs.

I'm getting blog-bound, though. Too many to comfortably read in one day, and still get stuff done. I know I could increase my blogintake by setting up an RSS subscription feed, but I kinda like the way I'm doing it now. Some blogs I only get to once in a great while, though. I won't say who, I don't wanna trod on any egos. Other blogs are growing to be less palatable as time moves on, and a few are hardly posting enough to justify a link, IMHO.

I'm thinking about dropping the tags from here on out, and moving to a text-based blogroll for any new additions. I could do one of the automated Blogrolling setups, but I kinda like the idea that someone likes my drivel enough to go into the template and hand-tweak the code. Sure, it's a PITA to do, which is why I only update every 14 days or so, but it's a sign that (for a while, anyway) they like you! They really like you!

OK, the Sally Field moment is past.

I'm also debating whether or not to shitcan the Booze Reviews. I haven't done one in weeks, they don't pull a lot of hits, and I honestly don't drink that much anymore. Plus, there's a buddy of mine who's in the middle of either jumping on or off the wagon from day to day, and it seems a bit crass to flaunt my own booze intake.

This ain't no democracy. What the Capitan decides is what flies, but I'm interested in what the 3 or 4 regular visitors have to say.

I know, you're not a talkative bunch, but come out from behind the Lurking Blanket, and drop me a line. You know who you are... You're here every day! The visitors from:,,, 31 flavors of, even the poor bastard on the last remaining computer hooked up to Let me hear from you, at least once! Oh, yeah... the guy from I know who ya are, so there's just no excuse! ;-)

Does the graphic links cause long load times? Does anyone give a rat's ass about Booze Reviews? How many links is too many links, particularly when people won't reciprocate unless you smooch some posterior?

This enquiring mind wants to know...