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Thursday, April 14, 2005

More Job Blogging

Why do I keep doing this to myself?

I'm still in lunch-digesting mode, so even though I'm supposed to wait 30 minutes before jumping back in the blogwaters, I'm gonna risk a nasty cramp to bring you, the 4 or 5 devoted readers, the content you deserve!


OK! Thank ya! Thank ya ver'much!

Last night was one of the Big Two events of the spring I'm involved in that have been keeping me so busy lately. I'm still doing my best to stay semi-anonymous, so in spite of my repeated self-destructive job-blogging habits, I won't say exactly what or where the event was. I can say it involved months of planning, scheduling, grunt-work, pleading, bitching, hair-tearing, and moments of stark terror. OK, not really terror, just gobs of Maalox Moments that usually accompany event planning.

We had a good turnout:

(You're not seeing the huge standing-room only crowd at the rear corner by the entrance. We tried to point them towards the chairs, but were largely unsuccessful)

I think we pulled it off rather handily. We even got a visit from The Man. Here's The Man:

(Note, in your town, he might look a bit different. The Man is tricky that way... He's pleased to meet you! Hope you got his name!)

Well, 3 weeks until the next one of the Big Two, then hopefully it's a slow downhill coast through the summer.

Back to the packing!