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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Off To Austin!

Well, Kyle, TX is actually where I'm going, but few people know where that is.

Gonna go see the new nephew, and take him out to a titty bar or something equally tasteless. You can never train bad behavior into them at too young an age. After that, we'll go to a tractor pull or swamp buggy racing. My sister shouldn't have a problem with me carousing around town with a 5 day old baby, should she?

I wanted to find a pair of baby-sized Groucho glasses so we could both wear a pair for a funny picture, but not only could I not find any, my sister put the kibosh on the idea until Sammy's a bit older. OK, Mom, but I'm still gonna get us matching gorilla suits for Xmas.

See y'all in a day or so. I'll post pics when I return.