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Thursday, April 14, 2005

I'm Taking A Break...

...'cause I'm just sick of packing boxes!

Hey, didja know that when you spend hours packing files into boxes, all the contact between your skin and the paper and cardboard makes all the natural oils leach out of your hands & fingers? That way, not only do your hands look like mummified monkey paws, when your skin gets nice & dry, every little snag rips your cuticles or cuts a knuckle crease, and you don't feel it until you look down and see blood dripping on the files!

So, as you can tell, I'm having just a peach of a day, here. It's about 85% done, but as anyone who has moved know, the last little bit is the absolute worst. Plus, unlike a home move where you can leave loaded boxes mouldering away in the garage for months, here you need to know where every thing is, in case you have to refer back to it should you get a request. It's not so bad for me, but the poor contracts folks are just about phuct.

I'm about to walk down to my boss's office and make a bet that Telecom & IT screw up the order, and I'll end up having to move my desk nearer to the ethernet/phone jack, 'cause they're not going to have a long enough cable set available. We asked them 2 months ago for 30 foot cords, and they have yet to deliver. Hmmmph. If I had a crimp tool, I'd just go get a spool of Cat5 and some RJ45 connectors and make my own. I suppose I could always just pass on the connectors and hardwire right into the wall, but that'd probably piss someone off.

OK, break's over... Back to the packing!