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Saturday, April 16, 2005

RIP Manny Moe & Jack

I never thought it would be hard to find an auto parts store...

We've got two in the neighborhood, an O'Reilly's and an AutoZone, but both are just incredibly skeezy, populated with the type of clientele that spend a lot of time in auto parts stores out of necessity, not just 'cause they need a new bottle of Turtle Wax or a set of wiper blades. Nothing against such folks, I used to be one myself back when I bought cars for $500 and drove them until they exploded.

Nevertheless, I've grown a bit accustomed to shopping in places where there's not engine grease ground into the front counter, and the floor gets acquainted with a broom more than once a year.

I just needed 4 sets of lugnuts, so I could swap out the old rust-colored ones with some shiny chromed ones so that the next time I lose one by the side of the road, I don't spend lots of pointless time hunting for it. So, off to the Pep Boys down the highway. Except that it's not there anymore. Shuttered up and moved on. Nor was the one that I just *knew* was on Westheimer Rd. I think they've all disappeared.

Well, that's what the web is for, finding things. Of course, I'm doing this after the driving around, not before, like the true genius I am...

Jeebus! The nearest one's like 15 miles away. Pep Boys, you suck.

Well, looks like I keep my nasty nuts for a while longer.