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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Decisions, Decisions...

Choosing The Path Of Most Persistence

As an unusual move on my part, I was laying plans to have lunch catered in to the entire office for my birthday. It's completely unlike me to show this amount of largesse for people I mostly don't associate with, but it would also be the week prior to my one year anniversary. (and subsequent transfer from probationary employee to lifetime feeder from the public trough) A grand gesture like that would be memorable, and earn me a few tickmarks in the goodwill column.

Plus, I really like springing surprises on people. This would be kinda fun to do, just 'cause no one ever does anything like it. That's me, Mr. Excitement...

However, there's a big however standing in the way. There's now a move afoot to have a blogmeet in New Orleans at approximately the same time period. The cost for the trip would be roughly equal to the cost of feeding 35 people. I can't do both, unless I have PB&J sammiches and Kool-Ade brought in.

I can easily swing one or the other without damaging the pocketbook too much. It's already a given that my Q2 2005 purchase of a G5 iMac is gonna be pushed back, possibly to Xmas. Ditto the digital camera. I also haven't fixed the AC in the PimpSled, and with summer coming on, that's gotta happen soon, lest I melt into a puddle of chilidog-flavored ooze one hot afternoon.

Bah. I miss the private sector. Piles of money, and the occasional bonus, as well. A bonus while working for The Man means you don't have the toilets explode from faulty maintenance.

Maybe I oughta flip a coin to decide.