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Friday, May 20, 2005

Toons, Tubing, & Targets!!!

Dump The Kids At Gramma's Place, and Come Have A Blast!

I've been a bit pokey in getting this posted, but I'll make up for it by posting it every week until Zippo has so many RSVPs he's hollering for mercy!

We're gonna have fun, kiddies! Good music at Gruene Hall Friday night, tubing down a river on Saturday, and shooting large caliber weapons on Sunday! Somewhere in all that excitement, I imagine we'll squeeze in some eatin', drinkin', jawin' and bloggin'! I'm also gonna twist some arms to make sure we do at least one meal at the Grist Mill!

Head to this page, and let Zip & Beth know you're interested. Hell, drop a note in my comments, and I'll pass the word.

Come out from behind those monitors, you bloggers and blog-readers! We wanna meet ya! We don't bite! (very hard, anyway...)

See you there!