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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Central Texas BlogFest!!! June 24-26, 2005!!!

Go On, You Know You Want To!!

OK, time once again for the weekly plug of the upcoming blogfest in New Braunfels!

We've got about 18 different names for this event, the latest being the "Bacchanal On The Comal". Here's the ultra-spiffy logo Zippo came up with:

This week , we offer refutations to the various "Well, I want to, but..." excuses that I've heard.

Q) "What'll I do with my kids?"
A) Bring 'em along! We just love the little critters! The residents of Casa DosDragones brought along Zane to the last 'Fest, and he promptly became the Official House-Ape of the Dallas Blogfest. He seemed none the worse for wear after the event, barring a bit of dirt acquired whilst excavating Lord Spatula's courtyard.

Q) "But I don't know anybody!"
A) Well, you didn't know anyone on your first day of kindergarten, either! That turned out all right! If you show up at my blog regularly, you know I'm a bit off-center, but basically a decent person. The fact of the matter is, most of the other folks who will be there outrank me on the 'nice person' meter. Sure, it's not always easy to step outside your comfort zone, but the experience is well worth it!

Q) "I don't wanna go tubing in river water! Fish do The Nasty in it!"
A) Don't go tubing! You're not locked into every single activity! As a point of fact, I've got to skip the tubing myself to go see my nephew get christened that Sat. afternoon. There's a gigantomous outlet mall just outside San Marcos, a 15 minute jaunt up I-35. You can go to Aquarena Center and see where Ralph the Swimming Pig used to do his act! Stay in your hotel room and pound down vodka! The possibilities are endless!

Q) "Traveling is expensive!"
A) Well, this is true, but Zippo has kindly opened up his house to whoever will fit within the property lines. Bring a tent and sleeping bags and make it a camping trip! Just don't cut down his fence for firewood... Consider blowing off a family event in the near future. Hell, they see you all the time anyway. Besides, do you really want to get your cheek pinched by Uncle Harvey, or eat another helping of Aunt Mabel's pickled marshmallows in oyster sauce? Trust me, we're a LOT more fun!

So, there you have it! You got no more excuses! Be there or be octagonal!