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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Just Call Me Bwana Capitan

Baboon Pirates Go On Safari

OK, that's a bit melodramatic. Still, heading out into the Texas brush after whitetail deer is about as close as I'm gonna come to an African hunting adventure this year.

Got a call from the Cisco Kid last night, asking me if I'd like to join him up at his deer lease this season. He's got some land out west of the DFW Metroplex that's apparently overrun with cute widdle Bambis that need to be exterminated and then eaten. I've not been out after whitetail in several years, and this could be a lot of fun.

I suppose I've still got everything I need for a hunting trip. Basically, you just need a rifle you know how to shoot well, a sharp knife, some binoculars, warm clothing, and the ability to sit quietly for several hours at dawn and dusk. Oh, and a bottle of hooch in case it gets a little nippy at night. Maybe some cigars.

It's be cool if our friend Zibig was into this sort of thing, but I can just see him bouncing off the walls of the deer blind after 15 minutes, dying for a cigarette.

It's not a 100% done deal, though. I might have some irreconcilable schedule conflicts. The Cisco Kid's got three windows of opportunity to go out this season, one in November and two in December. The November slot isn't gonna work for me, and the December ones are kinda fuzzy right now. I need to get the family to commit to a Xmas schedule, and there's a lot of foot dragging happening at the moment.

Adding to that is the tiny detail that I keep neglecting to go sight in the rifles I possess that are capable of dropping a deer. The Savage .22 can hit 'em in the eye out to 100 yards, but I'm about 100% certain that hunting deer with a .22LR is illegal in Texas.

The stock on the custom Mauser isn't finished, and I still don't have any .257 Ackley Improved ammo for it. I'd have to shoot .257 Roberts ammo and see how that worked out, accuracy-wise. That rifle's a longshot at best, but it does have some good glass on top. The Czech Mauser is in excellent shape, and 8mm Mauser soft point rounds will drop little Texas deer in their tracks. No scope on it, though, and the iron sights are not far from ideal. I'd only feel comfortable out to 150 yards or so. I do have the bayonet for it, though, for when those sneaky evil deer make their banzai charge!

The FN49 has got much better sights on it than the Mauser, but it weighs a bloody ton. I don't need a 10 round magazine to hunt deer, either. 7mm Mauser hunting ammo is usually more expensive than the 8mm, and harder to find as well. The SKS is perfectly capable of dropping a deer, but the accuracy is just not acceptable to me. Last thing I need is to have to trail a gutshot deer over and around Texas hills and arroyos.

I really need to start looking in the local pawn shops for a decent lever-action Marlin or Winchester in .30-30 and slap a 4x scope on it just for these occasions. Heh. Just one more excuse to buy a new rifle!