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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Yielding To Temptation

The Lure Of The Instalanche Was Too Strong To Resist...

I tried to play it cool, be nonchalant. Ride the waves of the Carnival and let them take me where they may. I kept telling myself that I host the Carnivals for the HTML coding practice, the fellowship amongst bloggers, the new avenues to arcane knowlege. Surely I'm beyond the need for a few extra hits on the Sitemeter logs...

Didn't work. I was weak. Emailed the link to Perfesser Puppyblender tonight after telling myself I wouldn't.

This'll probably backfire. I sent him the link for my Carnival of Cordite hosting effort this summer, and was soundly ignored.

Sigh. Where's my hair shirt and scourge? I must do penance for my weakness...