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Thursday, October 20, 2005


God, I Love My Cable Modem!!

Please forgive my geekery. All of you who started out with modems where you jammed the phone receiver in the suction cup thingies will understand, though...

Just finished downleading the Fall 2005 Ghost Recon Stealth Tournament mod from our team leader's site. 150 MB all zipped up.

Got sustained downloads in the 480 Kbps range, with a top speed of 489 Kbps. Knocked that sucker out in less time than it took to get a fresh glass of iced tea and feed the cats.

Sigh... almost brought tears of joy to my eyes! No, not quite T3 speeds, but considering it's courtesy of a company that insists on using a cartoon bird for a mascot, it ain't all bad!

Now I must go smash my old 14.4 modem with a large hammer and scatter the bits around the cable modem as an offering to the bandwidth gods...