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Saturday, October 15, 2005

I Hate Ohio Nazis

They're Just As Bad As Illinois Nazis!

Caught a glimpse of this of the satellite feed... the MSM websites appear to be foot-dragging on reporting it. The only web news site so far is this one:

Riots Erupt in Ohio
October 15, 2005 02:58 PM EST

by Sher Zieve – As a neo-Nazi group began to march through the streets of Toledo, a riot almost immediately broke out. Rocks and other objects were propelled toward the marchers, causing them to stop. However, the protestors continued their violence.

Police were called into the area but, as of this writing, the riots continue and appear to be increasing. Fox News video shows that rocks are now being thrown into homes and businesses and widespread looting is occurring. Rioters have now begun to rush homes in the area and are breaking into and looting them.

Site: The Conservative Voice
Well, congrats, you fucking Nazis. Your march may have failed, but you pretty much got your message across. All that looting and rioting? Let's just say it's not being perpetrated by the Aryan Brotherhood.