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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A Plague On Both Your Houses!

The Torture Continues.

Got word this morning that the deposition was postponed. Apparently, Plaintiff Barracuda was being a butthead, and our barracuda wasn't buying into the drama, so we get to cool our heels until they get things worked out. At $300/hr.

So, all that frantic work gathering for a deadline was for naught. My week's schedule just lightened up considerably, though. It ain't all bad. Just no relief from the anxiety. My formal interactions with barracudas have never turned out in my favor.

More good news, kinda. Looks like I'll score a couple of comp days for my on-call duty during the hurricane. I wasn't going to ask for any, but if they hand 'em to me on a silver platter, I shall not refuse. Be a good chance to catch up on some flix.

More posting later. I've been either training future versions of The Man all day, or fighting traffic. I need a beer and a cigar, and I need 'em now!