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Monday, October 10, 2005

Posting In Spite Of Myself

Almost Over Now...

I'd decided to ignore the blog and just crash after choking down some takeout lo mein. Biology and an off-kilter work ethic conspired to force me to get up and attend to pressing matters...

Been a looooong loooong day parked in front of the Xerox box, making triplicate copies of reams of material from 1991- present day. Likely none of it will even be glanced at, but Mr. Subpoena says I gotta have 'em. Now, they'll occupy cubic footage until the end of time, all the product of some nameless bureaucrat that pissed some plaintiff off. Happy customers who get decent customer service rarely sue, I've noticed.

Bit of a giggle today while excavating forms from Eisenhower-era file cabinets. Found a complaint made by my father years ago. A guy I work with daily quoted him as "Going ballistic and getting extremely sarcastic re: program and services." Yup, sounds like Dad, all right. Let's hope Mr. Plaintiff Barracuda doesn't pick up on the connection...

What really sux about this is my boss in on vacation this week, and I'm picking up the slack there in addition to all this court-crap. Oh, well. All over soon.