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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

There's A Dire Need For Malts & Chiliburgers In West Houston!

The renovation of I-10 has claimed yet another victim... the West Houston branch of the 59 Diner has closed up shop, awaiting demolition so the freeway can be widened to allow suburbanites to get home 10 minutes faster.

I was first introduced to the 59 Diner back in the summer of '88, that crazy, wonderful season of new friends, new experiences and a $h1tload of lost brain cells.

After a Saturday night of multiple intoxicants followed by everyone passing out, Mike, Denise, myself and one or two others roused ourselves off the bongwater-stained floor of the Bellefontaine Ave. apartment, piled into "Buffy", Mike's glass-bottomed, multicolored Chevette to go get a little Sunday morning sustenance.

Walking into the 59 Diner was like stepping into a malt shop from the 1950's. True diner food, mostly fried and none of it particularly healthy, backed by a fantastic ice cream soda bar, complete with eggcreams, phosphates, and real ice cream shakes and malts. Deee-lish!

They opened the one on I-10 sometime in the mid-90's, and while it was never as good as the original on 59 & Shepherd, it was a lot easier to get to when I needed a chili cheese fries and chocolate malt fix.

Damn, gonna miss that place...