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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Robert Jordan Wants A New Yacht

Trollocs and Myrdraal and Draghkar, OH MY!

Hell must be getting a little frosty around the edges, 'cause Robert Jordan finally published Volume 11 of his insanely lengthy Wheel Of Time series. He insists that he'll get it all wrapped up by Volume 12, even if Vol. 12 has to be 1500 pages long. I'm of the opinion that his kids'll end up needing orthodontia and college funds, so expect vols. 13-20 to be the new goal.

When Volume 10 came out, I was still deep in unemployment land, with no relief in sight. My sister hadn't had her baby yet. In fact, she wasn't even pregnant yet.

So now I'm faced with a dilemma. I put in a lot of time & effort (which some would say was wasted on Volumes 7-10, due to stagnation and subplots) into his Magnum Opus. Unfortunately, I'm getting a little fuzzy on the details on what exactly happened to bring us to Big Number Eleven in the series. At an average page length per volume of 900 pages, ain't no way in hell I'm gonna re-read it all, unless I get incarcerated in the near future.
There's no Cliff's Notes for the series, either.

Wikipedia has a brief summary of each book that's better than nothing. I keep getting sidetracked into all the related links, and that's doing a good job of explaining characters and concepts.

Rockhauler called me late last night from Wal-Mart to let me know. He's picking up the hardback. After this long, though, I may just have the patience to wait for the paperback...