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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Can You Believe This?

Another Candidate For Immediate Deletion

Here's yet another whack-a-zoid who wants a baby so bad, she'll conk you on the head and carve you like a Xmas goose:

Pregnant woman's belly cut in attempt to steal baby
(Associated Press)

PITTSBURGH — A woman clubbed her pregnant neighbor over the head with a baseball bat, drove her to the woods and cut her belly with a knife in an attempt to steal her baby, police say.

Police said Wednesday's attack on Valerie Oskin was stopped before her baby was taken after a teenager on an all-terrain vehicle came across the women.

Oskin, 30, later underwent an emergency Caesarean section at a hospital. State police Thursday said she was in critical condition and her baby in stable condition. She was believed to have been in her third trimester of pregnancy, authorities said.

I can already hear the touchy-feely types whining over this one... "Oh, that poor woman! (Note: they will not be referring to the beaten up and carved-upon woman...) She's sick! She needs help! We just need to understand her pain!"

Nope. We need to understand she's gonna be taking a dirt nap following a bullet to the brainstem. Some people are just too effed up to leave hanging around.

Like the comic Carlos Mencia said, (paraphrased) "There's two kinds of crazy people. The ones who do incredibly fucked up stuff and need to be removed from society permanently, and those who just sit around and roll their turds into little balls."

I'm not immune to the plight of the mentally ill. Not at all. If you're the type of person that likes to put a dozen cats in a gunnysack and toss it in a lake every Sunday, we might be able to help you. You like dressing in drag and whizzing on police cars? Might take a while, but there's treatment for that.

Cross the line dividing antisocial eccentricism and homicidal nutjobbery, and there's suddenly very little need for your genetic material to continue floating around in the murky pool.

Sorry, lady. Maybe you shoulda been one of the ones rolling your turds into little balls. If it was up to me, you'd already be cooling to room temperature.