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Monday, October 17, 2005

What Does El Capitan Need?

And Just Where Are The Chilidogs & Tequila In This List???

Kathy at An Arizona Cheesehead's Thoughts picked up the 'Serenity' quiz here, so it's only fair that I grab a game from her!

There's apparently a new Google game running about the Interweb. You put your your first name and the word needs within quotes and record the first 10 results. Like so: El Capitan "needs"

And we get:

El Capitan Needs Spaz (????)

El Capitan needs new liver, please help (OK, too much booze, I admit it!)

El Capitan Needs Money (no $h1t, Sherlock!)

El Capitan needs Tasks (No, he doesn't!)

El Capitan needs someone to bend him over and give him 20 paddles in his shorts (WHAT ?!?!?!?)

El Capitan needs a job (A year late on this one)

El Capitan needs Merch (??)

El Capitan Needs to Stay Awake (True, true...)

El Capitan needs prayers (Can't hurt)

El Capitan needs help (with all of the above)

(Confession... "El Capitan" didn't have anything funny at all. Therefore, El Capitan used his meatspace name to generate the above list, then moved back into anonyblog mode!)