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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Not A Bad Saturday At All!

No Flying Monkeys, Anyway.

Saw 'Serenity' with my buddy Zibig. Wonderful movie, and I liked it so much, I'll probably have to go see it again some evening this week so I can make sure I caught all the dialogue.

Moms, you can take your middle-school aged yard-apes to see it. It's pretty much a kid-safe flick, language-wise. Most cursing is done in Chinese, so you don't need to cover up their innocent ears, unless you're from Shanghai. It IS violent, though. You got your kung-fu, spike-fu, axe-fu, sword-fu, grenade-fu, lots of shooting, and even a touch of cannon-fu. Naturally, I dug the hell out of it.

Had lunch afterwards at the Two China Dykes restaurant. Only one was there, though. Nice place, good service, and the food's good, but you still have that slight mental disconnect of having the proprietors be 60 yr old Chinese women who dress, look and act like men. Ya just don't see that all that often in this town!

Got in some good online gaming playing Ghost Recon with the crew. We had one small issue with a certain less-than-remarkable player that shows up all too often, but that's a rant for another time. All I'll say now is that although people were patient and helpful with me when I was a noobie, after a while my playing DID improve. I'm just sayin'...

More later, unless I go hit the flix again. See ya.