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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Is Bigger Better?

Can't Judge On Technique & Stamina This Time...

I need your opinion. Yes, that means you, Mr/Ms Lurker. Drop the coffee mug and click the comment button and weigh in.

In an unexpected act of charity and kindness, my father has offered (without my asking, mind you...) to loan me some cash at an interest rate far below what my abysmal credit score deserves in order that I can get another computer without having to wait until the beginning of the year.

To that end, I've got the machine picked out, but there's a question hovering around my brainpan. I'm unbelievably neurotic about making big-ticket purchases, and will dither until the deal disappears if left to my own devices.

The question is simple... Given virtually identical computer models, is a 20" monitor worth the extra $250 over a 17" monitor? Particularly when considering the $250 could be spent on a video iPod that I've lusted after but could never afford before?

Do I go for the monitor real estate and get the 20" version? Or the smaller iMac and an iPod? The only other difference between the two is hard drive size, 250GB vs 160 GB, but adding a 60 GB iPod makes that just about a moot point.

Please help me quit dithering! You've got until noon today!