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Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving Tidbits

I Love My Digital Camera!

Here's a few pics of the feast for you!

I AM ROAST TURKEY, KING OF HOLIDAY MEALS!! Look upon my crispy skin and succulent flesh, ye vegans, and despair!!!

This is one of my cousin EmDub's kids. I bet him a five-spot he couldn't drink three cups of coffee in a row. What you see is "Sparky" starting to tweak after two cups. What you can't see is the layer of sugar that's just under the surface of the coffee/milk mix. Probably no more than a tablespoon of actual coffee in each cup, but all that sugar coursing through his system on the ride home probably thrilled EmDub and his wife to no end! Best $5 I've spent in years!

Fishin' off the dock on the bayou in my great-aunt's backyard. A couple of park benches out there makes for good socializing and pretty good fishing. There's lots of wildlife, too. Herons, turtles, ducks, geese, gators. Once upon a time, we had a paddleboat, but the years took their toll on it. We used to do amphibious assaults on the houses across the water!

The Mighty Anglers and their haul! The baby largemouth bass couldn't have been more than 4 inches long. By the time they'd run it around to show everyone, it was past the point of recovery, and had to be used as bait. They didn't actually hook the thing, either. The poles were loaded with catfish stink-bait rigs, and Baby Bass somehow swam into a loop in the leader line and got snagged!

Hope your family had as good a time as ours did!