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Monday, November 21, 2005

Ammo Day Acquisition

Not Nearly Enough...

Had to go to Gander Mountain to get my ammo this year. Meant to pick up the Winchester white box mega-packs at the local Walmart, but some rat-bastard bought every mega-pack of .45 ACP in the joint. Damn, dude! That was MY Walmart! Go find yer own!

It's all good. Gander Mtn. was on the way out of town for my little road trip up to Dallas this weekend. Stopped in and bought 700+ rounds, ranging in size from .22LR to 12 ga. The store was completely out of .257 Roberts and 8mm Mauser as well, so that dropped the total by 40 rounds.

My usual money crunch was a little crunchier than usual, so I didn't get nearly enough. Guess I'll have to ask Santy Claus for a few boxes come Xmas time.