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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ha! No Soggy El Capitan Today!

Canuckistan-ians, Please Send More Cold Fronts ASAP!

I actually paid attention to the weather report this morning, and took the trouble to pull my umbrella out of the Caddy's trunk before hopping on the bus downtown. Usually, I'm clueless about the weather, and end up getting soaked waiting for the bus ride home.

So, I'm sitting here listening to the thunder and wind outside, feeling all smug 'cause I got my bumbershoot with me, and in 2 hours I'll get to go home without getting drenched.

Of course, this means the 2" hailstones they forecast are now going to beat the crap out of me and my Caddy on the way home... Remembered the umbrella, forgot the foam padding...