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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Buy Some Ammo!

Or We'll Huff & Puff And Blow Your House Down!

Just another quick reminder of National Ammo Day on the 19th. Buy at least 100 rounds of ammo that day!

Last week, I posted a sneak peek at my Ammo Day bonus buy, hoping someone would hazard a guess as to the identity before I unveil it next week. All you gun geeks out there failed to even try! Only one guess was made, this by a woman who lives in Taxachusetts! For shame, guys! Left your cojones in your other trousers that day?

Here's your chance at redemption... First correct guess wins some random item picked off my desk, if they email me their meatspace address! A small hint... it's of current manufacture, and loves a good carnival.

Good luck, and buy lots of ammo!