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Monday, November 07, 2005

Oh, Happy Day!

I'll Be Glad To Kick This Monkey To The Curb...

Just opened this month's statement from one of my student loan sharks firms. The two loans this particular company handles finally dipped from 4 digits each to 3 digits each. The light at the end of the financial tunnel is getting just a bit brighter!

I took out substantial loans in '92 '93, '94 & '95 in order to finish up my degrees and leave myself time for Student Congress and other extracurricular gigs. Having to get a real job just wouldn't have allowed that flexibility. Well, that and I was a virtual pedestrian through much of my college years thanks to the Mondo Gonzo Tripmobile (a '74 Dodge Dart w/ a psychedelic paint job) being in a constant state of dead.

I've been paying off those bastards for 10 years now. I'd be done already, but my lengthy unemployment a while back forced a period of forebearance, and I'm probably a little over a year from completion on these two. The other two are run by Sallie Mae, and might take a bit longer.

Man, oh man! An extra $184.28 a month... The possibilities boggle the mind. Now, a smart person would promptly invest this cash in low-risk long term investments. If you've read this blog for any length of time, you've been shown quite convincingly that I am NOT a smart person. At least financially.

I know what I'll spend it on...

Liquor! Liquor and Whores! Maybe some guns, too!

Yeah! Lots of Guns! And Steak!

Guns, Steak, Liquor and Whores!

Heh. I think I just found a new blog name.