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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

It's A Damned Conspiracy...

Or, How To Make El Capitan Turn Purple

I shoulda known... Let one blogger pick a weekend for a blogfest, immediately other bloggers will set dates for similar (though faraway) events in close proximity on the calendar.

It's kinda like getting to the movie theater early, and picking a seat off to the side, far from the primo middle seats, in hopes of a good viewing experience.


Inevitably, the next patrons entering will be the tuberculoid family with the two Tourette's-inflicted yard apes who choose to sit in the row directly behind you. (See, if they sat in front of you, the little turdblossoms wouldn't be able to hammer away at your chairback with their Keds) Human lint, I say! Attracted, no doubt, by my magnetic personality. Whatever...

Here's the skinny so far: Shoe wants to do the Austin blogmeet April 29. If we get the Jawja crowd, this is one you just can't miss. No way, nohow. Gotta be there.

OTOH, out in sunny Phoenix, AZ, this guy (along with other gunbloggers) has set up the Nation of Riflemen Spring Rally for.... that very same weekend!!!

Excuse me, I don't do this very often in public, 'cause I know it upsets some people. I beg your pardon...


OK, I'm better now.

Sigh. Spread it around, people... spread it around! Lots of weekends still available in 2006!