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Monday, November 07, 2005

Well, That Was A Bad Idea

More Adventures In Semi-Pro Cookery

I've been trying to come up with a good recipe for a tamale casserole. I really like tamales, especially the kind with shredded chicken and green chili peppers. I really hate the whole corn husk process, though, so I thought I'd experiment with throwing everything into a casserole dish and eating it that way.

I had all the ingredients. Even made my own masa. I spread layers of enchilada sauce, chicken, cheese, masa and peppers, then baked it all up. It tasted OK, but the texture was way rubbery.

8 hours later, the tamale pie revolted. No, no spewage on either end, just a low-level alimentary canal revolt that bloats you up and makes you feel like hammered dogpoo for a while.

I consulted with one of my co-workers, a specialist in Mexican food, and learned that I should have steamed the masa dough before assembling the casserole. He claimed I was "eating it raw". Hmmm. You'd think 45 minutes at 350 degrees would settle that "raw" business. Maybe not.

Oh well, I'll try again later. MUCH later.


'Scuse me.