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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

More Stories From Long Ago

As Long As We're On The Subject...

I don't think I've told this one yet. It falls under the category of unexpected announcements, though, so it's as good a time as any. If you've heard it before, well, here it is again.

Back about '91 or '92, Rockhauler and I are out late at night. Really late, like 2 or 3 a.m. I don't recall what we were doing, probably up late being gamergeeks playing Advanced Squad Leader or Hell's Highway, or just out dabbling in deviltry.

I was about on my last legs, and needed a spike of caffeine and refined sugar to keep from falling asleep. I remember being really scatterbrained and groggy at the time.

We're out in Rockhauler's little Nova, back when they looked like Toyota Tercels, and decided to hit the local convenience store.

We pull into the 7-11 over on Pecan Ave. in Arlington, just a block off of campus. I'm already fixated on the Big Gulp dispenser, and not paying attention to Rockhauler.

Just as I clear the front door of the store, Rockhauler comes up behind me, clamps down on my left arm with both hands, and says (quite loudly):

"Man, you said no killing this time! You said no killing!!!"

It takes about 2 seconds for that information to process, and since I'm painfully aware that the clerk has heard this come out of Rockhauler, all I can think to respond with is: (in a panicked voice)

"Dude! Shut the fuck up, man! Shut the fuck up!!!"

I'm sure this did not have the reassuring effect on the cashier that I'd hoped it would.

Rockhauler's laughing so hard he's almost in tears. The clerk is not amused, and I'm having trouble grasping the humor myself. I think I threw a pack of Twinkies at him.

It's kinda funny now. Hell, I probably ought to pull it one someone else. I'll just have to make sure the clerk isn't armed, since we've passed Concealed Carry since then!